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Mountain Top Decisions

I pray that I will always remember those “mile markers” in my life.

Three weeks ago, my family headed out on a road trip for our summer vacation. Our journey took us over 2000 miles in 8 days. Yes, we spent a lot of time in the car, in different hotels, and through 9 states. Some have asked if we needed a vacation after the vacation. My wife and son would probably say yes, but me – I was rejuvenated.

Our journey meant a lot to me because it gave me an opportunity to show Laura and Davis what I was able to experience as a teenager just a few years ago (ha-ha). When I was a teenager, my church decided to venture out from the ordinary church camp (where you went to a Christian camp with what seemed like every other church in America, slept in outdated cabins, ate camp food, but always ended up having a lot of fun). I’ll never forget when our youth pastor informed us that they were looking at a new camp option for us. With great anticipation some weeks later, they unveiled through a slide show on the wall (wow, I am getting old) that we were heading to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Of course, I had never been there, but the pictures looked amazing.

I can remember the excitement when we arrived at the Six B Motel for the week of summer camp. All 40+ teenagers and adults were ready for a week of fun in exploring, shopping, hiking as well as staying in an outdated motel and eating McDonald’s about every meal. We didn’t mind it all; it was a mountain top experience. We even summited Mt. Washington (the highest point in the Northeast) as it was 15 degrees with the wind chill (in the middle of June).

It is easy to recall all that happened on those summer camp trips to New Hampshire. Watching students away from the normalcies of life was always interesting. Sure, it was a journey for many reasons with all the miles to get there, the hikes we took, etc. but what always amazed me (and still does today as I sit here and think about it) was watching students make spiritual decisions while at summer camp.

Every evening, we gathered under the moonlight and had a time of worship as well as Bible study. I watched as God did amazing things in students’ lives including my own. I watched students weep asking for God to do something in their lives. They made many “mountain top” decisions. I can recall quite a few who took that experience further and brought home the calling God was placing on their lives. But my heart is also saddened by those who either drifted or never began what they dedicated themselves to under the moonlight at the Six B Motel.

What happened? Did they not mean it? Did they get scared? I am not sure. My prayer is that one day they reexamine/revisit that “mountain top” experience and follow God with where He was calling them.

Our summer vacation was a great reminder for me. It was fun reliving the memories in the White Mountains along with Davis and Laura. We summited Mt. Washington too (in a SUV this time). We even drove to the Six B Motel. I specifically stopped and took a photo where the “mountain top” decisions were made. I had chill bumps for a few moments. When I laid in bed that night, I prayed that I would always remember those “mile markers” in my life.

Can you recall the “mountain top” decisions you’ve made along your spiritual journey? Think through them and pray that God would give you wisdom on this road we call “life.”

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