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Passing The Baton

Have you ever been somewhere and wondered in the moment how you got to that point in your life? Now let’s be honest, when I say this you may have just thought personally of a bad situation you were in. However, there are times it is in an awesome situation. 

On Sunday, March 3, 2019, I stood on the stage of Main Street Church where I was “passed the baton” to become the new senior pastor. I was joined on stage by the retiring pastor, Bob Franklin as well as Calvin Perry who served as their senior pastor for 30+ years from 1968-1997. It was a moment I’ll never forget. As Calvin spoke some incredible words to me, my mind drifted for a brief moment and I honestly thought, “how did I get here?” The only way I know how to best answer that is two words - God’s grace. Trust me, I don’t deserve it (or anything in my life). However, I’ll receive His incredible kindness in my life. I am blessed beyond imagination.

Let me rewind a moment and tell you about the week leading up to this historic moment not just for me but also Main Street. We were able to work out a great schedule that allowed me to work in the office with the retiring pastor Bob for 3 extensive days. He and I met one-on-one for 20+ hours. I asked questions; he answered wholeheartedly. I suggested scenarios; he gave input. I got emotional; he got emotional. We laughed; we cried. But to summarize it best, I was humbled by our time spent. 99% of incoming pastors don’t experience what I was given. I greatly appreciate Bob’s passion for Main Street. 

I will never forget our time together that week. However, more importantly, I’ll never forget the prayer he prayed over me after our first day together. Just typing this gets me emotional thinking about it. In no comparison, but the only comparison I can think of - ever seen an emotional embrace between a father and son or a coach and his player after winning the national championship? That’s the emotions I felt when Bob prayed over me. You always may wonder what that coach or that father said, but their tears and emotions say so much more. That’s where I am. 

I am now just days into being a senior pastor. I would have never dreamed this after being a 2nd man in ministry for 20+ years. However, by God’s grace, I am here. Now it’s time to lead the church in ways that would honor and glorify God all the while reaching people for Him. Let’s do this!

Here We Go!

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