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Weekend Ramblings for Apri 20, 2020

How much longer? Well, it looks like we are stuck "At Home" for at least 2 more weeks. Maybe more. We're healthy though so we're counting our blessings.

1. If I eat one more snack...😆 2. Laura, Davis and I continue on with our daily movie nights. 3. Thankful for the fire pit we were given. 4. I decided to burn all our old docs along with firewood. That took forever. Next time, I’ll take the docs to Staples. 5. I decided to dump the ashes into the big outdoor trash can 24 hours later. 6. I almost burned the trash can up. (The ashes were still hot on the bottom). 7. Life isn’t the same right now. Will it ever be “normal” again? I hope not. 8. Crime is down. The expression of friendliness and concern is on the rise. 9. God’s Word is being heard all throughout the world through the means of livestream, social media, and other technology platforms. 10. Our staff is now talking about what “church” will look like when we return. 11. Things to think on regarding social distancing: offering, cafe, communion,

kids ministry, etc. 12. I’m ready to worship on campus again. 13. Our offerings see a spike during the 2 minute online offering time. Thank you! 14. Our church continues to be gracious through their giving. 15. We are blessing a few people with our 10 Percent Challenge this week. Will you join us? 16. Finally got the garage cleaned! I’m OCD so it’s a great feeling. 17. Got kids? Check out our Kid’s At Home page on today. 18. Laura, Davis and I did the drive-thru at the Dairy Bar yesterday. Yum! 19. I have never taught on the Holy Spirit before. It has stretched my thinking. View it now. 20. I talked over my sermon with 3 pastors before preaching it. 21. We waited 35 minutes to walk in Home Depot on Saturday. Corona is teaching me to wait patiently. 22. Our staff is calling over 500 families in a 7 day period.... just wanting to check-in with our church families. 23. I’d be thrilled if we could return to on-campus worship by June 1. Earlier would be even better! 24. Thank you to all first responders and healthcare personnel. 25. What will you do more for God when this pandemic passes?

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