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Weekend Ramblings for April 13, 2020

Easter has come and gone. Yes, I know it is a part of our everyday lives as Christ followers; however, this one was a little different for everyone. Here are some thoughts from Easter 2020:

1. Easter never gets old! The Easter story still changes lives.

2. I am thankful that we still have the means to worship "together" through online platforms.

3. Our viewing increased 100% for Easter! I'd love for some of those who joined us for the first time online to join us every week.

4. I am ready to worship in-person, together again.

5. I stopped by the church today briefly. It's a little hard to do now as it makes me a little sad.

6. We had big plans for Good Friday that included an open house prayer time for 9 hours. God had other plans.

7. Did you get to see the Main Street parade in your subdivision on Saturday? We visited 19 subdivisions displaying banners which stated times of our online Easter services.

8. I slipped and fell getting out of the bed of the truck in one subdivision. My pride received the biggest bruise. :)

9. Our staff went (and continue to go) above and beyond last week. I thank God for them!

10. Ministry is the same as any other arena - there's no "I" in team!

11. I am so thankful for Ron and Tracy Songer. Their filming and editing is first class and I appreciate the time they've invested.

12. Got your stimulus check yet? I'd love for you to commit to the 10 Percent Challenge and help others in need. See for more info.

13. Have you seen any of the "Some Good News" stuff online? Wow, some encouraging and humorous news for once!

14. VidAngel is free through the end of the month. It's a great filter to help make movies and tv more family-friendly.

15. Our neighbor up the street (and part of our church family) brought us brownies. Yum!

16. I can't stop snacking 12 times a day.

17. We went to 4 restaurants on Easter Sunday. Yep, first one closed, second one out of most things, third one was what Davis wanted and the fourth one was for Laura and I!

18. After a busy Easter morning, we decided to attend The Bridge Church's drive-in service. They did a great job and I'm thankful for their presence in our community.

19. I am really enjoying the opportunity to do ministry with other churches in the area.

20. Their executive pastor, Vince told everyone to find a church and it doesn't have to be The Bridge. He mentioned Main Street and didn't even know I was there. :)

21. I am still praying through what series to launch this upcoming Sunday. I had one planned months ago, but feel God redirecting us.

22. I love pastoring!

23. Thank you for continuing to give faithfully. We can continue to minister because of your generosity and obedience.

24. I've been asked where I recorded my Easter sermon. AJ Jolly Park it is.

25. Stop and be a blessing to someone this week as a reflection of God's blessing in your life.

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