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Weekend Ramblings for April 27, 2020

I think I can; I think I can - stop eating quarantine snacks. Admit it; they are so addicting when you work from home these days. Here are some other Weekend Ramblings.

1. I’ve never thought of the Holy Spirit like I have done during this series. 2. He wants us to be growing in our faith. If we aren't growing, we're drifting backward. 3. I am thankful for the internet. It’s allowing us to do church as we know it. 4. I sure do miss Sunday mornings on our campus. 5. The leadership is currently working on a plan for when we’ll return to our campus. 6. We will be strict in following the guidelines laid out by authorities. 7. Nothing better than receiving an encouraging text from a local pastor friend. 8. The devil continues to fight me and you every day. 9. I may be willing to drive to the first Great Clips open in America. 10. I read this recently - gossip is the archenemy of Jesus. Convicting words. 11. A church member dropped off flowers for my family. So nice! Thank you! 12. So thankful for Zoom - from small groups to leadership meetings, it has been a lifeline! 13. I continue to be coached in my life. I’m not the best listener, but I’m trying. 14. Laura, Davis and I are doing well. A little cabin fever - but we’re healthy! 15. Working on a huge community outreach in the month of May. Keep your ears open. :) 16. I pray everyday of how we can impact our community in a greater way. 17. Sundays are a whole new normal for me. 18.Can’t wait to launch a new teaching series on May 10 called “The New Normal.” 19. Laura starts her first week of practicum and internship for her Master’s this week. So proud of her. 20. Our church family began a 40 Day Prayer Journey yesterday. It’s not too late to join in. Click on 21. We have been a remote church for 7 Sundays now. An incredible blessing - we have made budget! So proud of our people! 22. Listened to 4 podcasts yesterday on leadership. Very convicting stuff. 23. I am asking God to show me my weaknesses. 24. A big week for the future of our Kid’s Ministry. We're gonna show how much we love kids as we anticipate moving forward. 25. Go and bless someone else. They’ll probably need it.

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