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Weekend Ramblings for December 2, 2019

Thanksgiving is past but don't let the attitude of gratitude pass you by! I trust you had a great time with friends and family over the past week. Enjoy my ramblings.

1. My family had a fantastic Thanksgiving - our first in Kentucky!

2. My brother and sister-in-law drove all the way from Flordia to join us here in Kentucky.

3. I was able to complete my sermon prep just in time for family to arrive on Wednesday.

4. We gave Flip-Daddy a try. Yum! Not the healthiest, but it's Thanksgiving:)

5. The gals and guys shopped around Florence and then found a church hosting a Thanksgiving Eve service. It was nice to take part in their worship service.

6. They gave out Dunkin Donuts at the conclusion of their service. The guys went back for seconds. :)

7. Thanksgiving Day began with Greg and Davis heading to UDF for a milkshake... at 9:00am.

8. The ladies cooked all day while the guys watched football.

9. We were able to enjoy an amazing lunch/dinner with turkey and all the fixins'. Amazing!

10. It was back to the couch and more football to watch!

11. The gals headed out for Black Friday shopping and more football for us.

12. It was a very relaxing day for the guys as we watched 10 hours of football (3 games). I'm not a huge football fan but on Thanksgiving I am!

13. Friday and Saturday- it was a lot of family time with just Laura, Davis and me as Greg and Denise headed back south.

14. We shopped, ate leftovers, and laughed a lot. Then it was onto a quick sermon run through on Saturday evening.

15. Sunday was awesome!

16. Our Ugandan missionary friend Godfrey shared about what God is doing in his life. Wow, amazing story!

17. Main Street, you rock! You sacrificially gave $2,249.00 to Godfrey! You give. We give.

18. I really enjoyed finishing up the Attitude of Gratitude min-series. Thank you for allowing me to go personal a little bit as I shared about family, friends, the church and God.

19. Did you notice that half the congregation stood when I asked for those who serve faithfully at our church? Amazing difference makers!

20. People seemed to really enjoy the reflection time for communion. It was nice to not feel like we had to rush partaking.

21. Our new student pastor Marc Hall begins Sunday, December 15! Can't wait!

22. Laura, Davis and I finally made it to our first Bengals game. It was a blast! Best part about it- they won! The crowd kept chanting "Seize the Dey", all the while we were very cold saying "Freeze the Dey". :)

23. Another busy week around Main Street this week!

24. Join us Tuesday, December 3 at 6:30pm for a special teaching from Answers in Genesis. Click on for more details!

25. All new kids check-in begins this upcoming Sunday. See you there!

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