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Weekend Ramblings for December 30, 2019

Here's a few thoughts ending out 2019....

1. As I blog, I’m sitting in a recliner in North Carolina.

2. My family and I are enjoying a little R & R with my in-laws. 

3. I’m thankful for our leadership who gives our staff an opportunity to enjoy a holiday breather.

4. This break is unlike any I can remember.

5. Davis got a 24-hour bug just 24 hours in. He’s better now with a continued cold and slight fever.

6. We knew coming to NC that Laura’s grandfather wasn’t doing well. He was placed in a nursing home and hospice was contacted.

7. On Friday, Laura and I visited with her grandfather. It was sad to see as he was in the same room where his wife (Laura’s grandmother) has been for the past 3 years. 

8. Five hours after we left the nursing home, we received the call that Mr. Asby (Papa to us) had passed away.

9. I can’t even put into words the man Papa was. I loved every moment with him. He loved well, laughed continuously, and left a Godly legacy.

10. Today, Papa will be laid to rest with family and friends.

11. I’m thankful we (especially Laura) were able to be here to say goodbye.

12. Hard to believe that both of my grandfathers passed away 35+ years ago. 

13. Laura and I had previously scheduled an overnight trip to the beach thanks to a friend giving us hotel points.

14. Our family told us to still go.

15. I’m thankful that Laura and I get to enjoy time away. 

16. We had a lot of laughs, ate a ton, and shopped till we dropped.

17. We’ve been funeral clothes shopping.

18. Thank you to everyone who attended Christmas Eve at Main Street. Five people trusted Christ!

19. Some people of Main Street really blessed my family. #GiftCards

20. An awesome gift - we’re headed to the musical of Lion King!

21. We ate Subway on Christmas Day. #TravelTruckStop

22. A huge thanks to our new student pastor Marc for speaking on Sunday at Main Street. Heard he did a very good job.

23.  Have you began looking at your 2020 goals? Laura and I are analyzing now!

24. I’m very excited for Main Street in 2020. I’m resting up, y’all!

25. Back to my vacation.

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