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Weekend Ramblings for December 9, 2019

What a past 7 days! It was all a blur. I know that Thanksgiving to Christmas is always a very busy time for everyone, but wow. Not complaining, just thankful to be able to do what God has called me to do.

1. I enjoyed launching the Christmas Miracles series yesterday. Sermon prep has given me even more appreciation to scripture.

2. The one minute video at the beginning caught everyone by surprise. Didn't see it? Then you missed out. :)

3. I wish people attended faithfully - like every week. Come on friends, you're missing out when you stay at home.

4. On the flip side, I am very grateful for the faithfulness of many. You set the standard and model well what God calls us to do. I thank you!

5. Saturday was a much needed family night. We ventured to the Ark Encounter to enjoy the Christmas lights. Amazing!

6. You should try the buffet at the Ark Encounter! You get everything 2 by 2. Just kidding.

7. Our family loves being adventurous. New places are our favorite.

8. Davis is ready for his first school Christmas concert this week!

9. A huge shout out to a couple of volunteers who have given a ton of hours in making our check-in area happen.

10. We are in the process of switching over all our database to a new system (Planning Center). We desire to make ministry easier for our volunteers.

11. After 75+ hours, we were ready to launch kids check-in. However, we had a snag at the first service. Oh well, our team worked hard and resolved the issue. After that, we were good to go.

12. We look to launch check-in for students and volunteers in the next week or two.

13. I love that people will be able to see the names of every volunteer on our campus. It's a #BadgeOfHonor someone said. :)

14. The new volunteer hub is going to be great. We'll provide a place to check-in for volunteers, grab a bottled water, get a breath mint, and see instructions of where you may be serving that day. It'll open real soon!

15. Here's who will have a name tag on campus - babies thru 4th grade as well as all volunteers. All parents for babies thru 4th grade will have a pick up sticker that will be needed to pick up your child.

16. As we tweak all these check-in improvements through December, we won't be so particular with pick-up tags, but January 1 - oh yes, we will.

17. Why the changes? We want to provide a safe, secure and wonderful environment for our guests, our members and our friends.

18. Want to be baptized around the Christmas holidays? Join us on December 22 to do so! Click on to get registered!

19. Can't wait to share in January what God has done this year with baptisms and membership. Awesome stuff!

20. Pacing my week a little better this week. 75+ hours last week isn't healthy for me or my family. No one to blame but myself.

21. We are just a week away from welcoming our new student pastor!!!

22. God has given us a direction on our children's ministries director opportunity. More to come Sunday.

23. I was privileged to spend 2 hours with our deacons yesterday. We are headed in a right direction for 2020.

24. Healthy things grow. Look out 2020. We're growing deeper in relationships with people and God and we're going to grow as we reach more people.

25. Pumped about how we are going to make a difference in Uganda in 2020.

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