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Weekend Ramblings for February 10, 2020

Rain, sleet and snow. What a dreary weekend. But hey, it supposed to be in the 50's by this coming weekend. Speaking of weekend, here's my latest Weekend Ramblings.

1. Small groups coming this Sunday. Sign up!

2. Sad week for families in our church.

3. Death is so hard; but our hope is in Heaven.

4. I was privileged to share the gospel at a funeral. I'm thankful for a gentleman in attendance trusted Christ.

5. Our church volunteers have been so hospitable in funeral prep with meals, etc.

6. I heard there were over 20+ Main Street ladies who attended the IF Gathering at Plum Creek this past weekend.

7. Love that area churches can share resources with each other.

8. I am honored that our elders surrounded me in prayer this week.

9. I’m hearing great things coming from our Student Ministry.

10. Our student volunteers are doing a great job.

11. It was great to have some Daddy-Davis time while Laura was at the IF Gathering.

12. Davis loves having the gym to shoot some hoops.

13. To laugh with my son is priceless.

14. Laura and Davis bless me in so many ways.

15. Beginning a whole new work schedule for me personally. More structure; more concentration.

16. Looking to be focused on my time with people as well as time to study, pray and cast vision.

17. We’ve announced a shift in how we do Next Gen at Main Street.

18. We’re aligning our Next Gen with our local school system.

19. Up through 5th grade will be our elementary. 6-12th grade will be for our students.

20. I’m thankful for the wisdom I have surrounding me.

21. Congrats to my friend Mark Phillips who has accepted the offer as lead pastor at Discover Church in Akron. Mark spoke recently in our Finance series.

22. Are you still singing R-E-S-P-E-C-T? If you missed Sunday at Main Street, you missed out.😉

23. The Rules of Relationships series is helping me analyze how I personally love, trust and respect those around me!

24. Not been baptized yet? You should join the 3 others this Sunday! Register now at

25. Think, post, speak, email, and text with a Christ-like filter.

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