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Weekend Ramblings for February 17, 2020

Did you say "I love you" or "I am so proud of you" to your spouse in the last 7 days? Well, hopefully, you did. If you missed the Rules of Relationships week #2, you may not understand what I'm referring to. Moving on, here's my Weekend Ramblings...

1. Do you ever have doubts? I know for a fact that it is one of Satan's biggest friends.

2. "Don't doubt in darkness what God has revealed in the light." Not sure who said that, but it's one of my favorites. It encourages me to press on!

3. I began a new schedule last week and really enjoyed the transition. Just working smarter.

4. It was good to have a Sunday off preaching. It allowed me to work on some other important office projects.

5. Marc did a very good job of communicating God's Word.

6. We are glad the Hall's are part of the team! Our students and families seem to be enjoying their leadership.

7. It was awesome to see 3 people baptized yesterday! Life change is what it is all about.

8. Thrilled to see another family join our church!

9. I walked the hallways during the first service. Thankful for the many volunteers who serve faithfully.

10. We are planning something special for all our volunteers in the spring.

11. Our staff work very hard. I love their passion for ministry.

12. Kid's ministry is going through some improvements. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement as we seek to impact the Next Gen for Christ.

13. We are currently working on plans to give the Kid's Ministry some additional elbow room. They need it as their classes are growing.

14. It was great to receive feedback from our kid's volunteers as Christie hosted a lunch for them yesterday. There was lots of healthy conversation.

15. I LOVE KID'S MINISTRY! It is a huge part of why we do church.

16. You should seize the opportunity to be a part of our kid's ministry. You'll be glad you did.

17. Yesterday proved the reason we invest in kid's ministry as our friend Camille was baptized.

18. Thankful for a good Family Business Meeting last night. Our 2020 Spending Plan was unanimously approved.

19. We lowered our budget by 9% from last year. So proud of our stewardship team.

20. I had the opportunity to share about a lie someone was passing around. Truth always wins out.

21. Excited that we will once again exceed 11% of our giving to be given outside our four walls.

23. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's weekend with those you love. Laura, Davis and I were able to spend some great family time together.

24. We went to one church at 5:30pm on Saturday, then drive 15 minutes to another church for a 7:30pm service on Saturday. I love seeing what others do to share the Gospel.

25. I am certainly not perfect, but I am certainly forgiven!

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