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Weekend Ramblings for February 3, 2020

Good evening! It's been a great evening for me as we hosted a small group leader and host dessert fellowship with 40 friends. What a night. I can't wait for life change to take place through the context of community. In the meantime, here are my Weekend Ramblings.

1. It was awesome to be a part of the Williams' family adoption on Friday! Their boys are the nicest kids! Congrats!

2. Laura, Davis and I were given the great Christmas gift of tickets to the Lion King last Tuesday. It was phenomenal!

3. My sister Lisa’s birthday was yesterday. Happy Birthday, groundhog. :)

4. We can't wait to share some really big things coming for Main Street kids in the spring!

5. You need to sign up for kids and student camps this summer! Go to

6. I am thankful for the area's pastors. I look forward to hosting some of them soon for lunch.

7. Thank you for giving sacrificially. We've had three large gifts in the last 30 days.

8. Want to give easily? Just text your amount to 84321. It'll take just 30 seconds to set it up.

9. I am very thankful for our elder team. I had the privilege to spend time with them last Thursday!

10. I really enjoyed launching our new series - The Rules of Relationships. Join us Sunday as we talk about respect.

11. We are planning to honor volunteers in a nice way this spring. You'll hear more soon.

12. Hearing about the deacons serving our church family thrills me.

13. Looking for a place to serve? We could use you for 2-3 hours once a month in doing some housekeeping on our church campus. Contact Danny Gilbert at today.

14. Want to hear more from the church? We're in the process of developing a monthly digital newsletter. Stay tuned.

15. We have made the official transfer of our church database/check-in to Planning Center Online. Thankful for this tool to help us do the work of ministry.

16. Join me in praying for some of my pastor friends (outside of Main Street) who are facing some ministry challenges.

17. Last Monday, one of our staff led the staff meeting devotional. It created 20 minutes of conversation. I loved every minute of it. #DoingLife

18. What a Super Bowl. We had a great time watching it with great friends.

19. We hosted another Restaurant Takeover. Davis chose the new Dunkin. Wow, we packed it out with 50 Main Street friends.

20. There is nothing better than fellowship we share with friends near and far.

21. This Sunday, we have an exciting announcement to make regarding our kid's ministry.

22. Small groups launch March 1. So, sign up begins February 16. Be a part!

23. I am so blessed how Laura jumps right in and helps me do ministry. She rocks!

24. Honored that a parent texted me today and thanked me for preaching firm on how sex outside of marriage is against God's Word.

25. I love pastoring.

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