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Weekend Ramblings for January 13, 2020

Already, time is flying by in 2020. Ok, maybe it was just because last week was so busy that it was a blur. So, it leads me to my Weekend Ramblings.

1. God is so good.

2. I have the opportunity to do something that I love doing - pastoring.

3. After being gone on Christmas vacation, last week around the office was crazy busy. All the staff worked above and beyond.

4. We have a very good staff team. I'm thankful for each one of them.

5. Last week, we began a whole new staff meeting schedule for 2020.

6. One-on-one meetings can be a little time-consuming but so profitable.

7. I love talking vision with the staff.

8. The staff may sometimes scratch their heads at their senior pastor.

9. We are really praying and thinking through what God wants to do this upcoming year with the Next Generation at our church.

10. We are very thankful for the positive responses from our new kids' check-in area and process. We will continue to get the kinks out. Thanks for your patience.

11. If you want to go down the kids' hallway, you must have a check-in sticker.

12. Our kids' ministries are growing. You should think about joining the awesome team who are difference-makers in the lives of kids on Sundays and Wednesdays.

13. Our volunteers serve so faithfully! Thank you!

14. Our volunteers liked the donuts in the new Volunteer Hub I hear. Yum!

15. My family was tired today as we hosted a lot of friends over the past 72 hours. Laura and Davis are great hosts.

16. We enjoy meeting with new people from our church.

17. There are 11 people signed up for Discover Main Street this Sunday. Want to be a part? There's room for you.

18. Have you seen the 2019 Annual Report? Click on to read the full report. God is good!

19. You a member and didn't receive the 2020 Spending Plan email? Let us know at

20. I loved the launch of the COMMUNITY series yesterday. Why? Because we all need it - including me! Missed it, well, you better join us this upcoming Sunday for week #2.

21. I never thought I'd used the phrase "you are going to split hell wide open" but I did in my sermon Sunday.

22. I also told a corny joke (Woooo-man- regarding Eve's creation) and I couldn't stop laughing.

23. So thankful for the continuous relationships with former co-workers and more importantly, friends. I love that they are just a call or text away.

24. Be a part of Wednesday Prayer again this Wednesday from 12:00-6:00pm. The worship center is open if you'd like to stop by and pray.

25. Will you consider taking the next step in engaging in community? How? I'll let you know Sunday.

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