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Weekend Ramblings for January 27, 2020

How can this be the last week of January already? Wow, time is flying. Enjoy the latest Weekend Ramblings...

1. I read this in my devotions - "Living a balanced life will guard you against the enemy's hidden traps." #conflicting

2. Thankful for the Community series as it reminded me personally to not allow things to distract me from building community.

3. I appreciate the response from the Community series. Seems as if it hit home in some shape or form to a lot of people.

4. You can always stay in touch with any series at

5. Thankful for Laura Hervey sharing about how we as the church have an awesome opportunity to share the Savior!

6. We had 10 people who said "Count Me In" as they want to be a part of the Kid's Min Team!

7. I can't wait to see what we do next in Kid's Min. There is a lot of thought and prayer going into some next steps.

8. It was a great kick-off lunch for students and their parents as Marc hosted an informative lunch telling us of some next steps for students.

9. A huge shout out of appreciation to the 31 people who helped move in Marc and his family. Some stayed for hours to help them assemble furniture and all!

10. Our volunteers serve in amazing ways every single week.

11. I am thankful for a great, hardworking staff, but volunteers are the backbone of what we do on a weekly basis!

12. Our church is blessed to have the church staff we do. Each of them goes above and beyond.

13. The staff text messages for our group easily turn into comedy central.

14. "Laughter does good like medicine."

15. It's Restaurant Takeover tonight (Monday) at 6:00-8:00pm at Dunkin' Cold Spring. Stop by and hang out.

16. Davis has us hooked on watching family movies together. We started the new Dumbo last night!

17. We are at 166 people who want to be a part of small group community beginning this spring! I can't wait.

18. Yesterday, I had the privilege to kneel beside the bedside of a dear friend's father who is just days (maybe even hours) away from meeting the Savior. When I think of "Well done, thou good and faithful servant" it's this man.

19. We are scheduling a follow-up Family Business Meeting on Sunday, February 9 right after the 11:00am service.

20. While out making a visit in Ohio yesterday, we used the Augusta Ferry to come back. That was culture at its finest. And yes, we just had to get a piece of pie at the General Store. Davis thought it was all a very cool experience. #TheLittleThings

21. At this point, we will have at least one family join the church every week in the month of February! Awesome stuff!

22. Want to take the next step in baptism, there are 3 people already signed up. Join them by registering at

23. Send your kid or student to camp this summer. These are life-changing! See more at

24. The staff has already met and made Easter weekend plans. Yep, we're thinking ahead!

25. "Taste and see that the Lord is good." - Psalm 34:8

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