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Weekend Ramblings for March 2, 2020

I am still trying to process and pray through the past 48 hours. Wow, God showed Himself in some amazing ways. Let me give you some Weekend Ramblings to further explain...

1. What a Sunday at Main Street.

2. After finishing the Rules of Relationships series, I felt God challenging me to switch gears.

3. A friend of mine and I were talking about how God didn't make sense in a recent situation and I just knew that was the direction God was leading me in preparation for Sunday.

4. Three weeks ago, we had scheduled for some good friends to come into town for a visit this past weekend.

5. While praying through this new series, they kept coming to mind as I knew God hadn't made sense in one specific area of their lives.

6. While doing my sermon prep last week, I began writing and researching on the life of the Apostle Paul but then God took me back to the book of Habakkuk multiple times.

7. I switched gears after a few hours in sermon prep and began researching the book of Habakkuk 'cause I didn't know anything about him other than he was a prophet.

8. Wow, did I learn a lot in my study!

9. I talked through doing an interview with our out-of-town friends with our awesome staff team. They thought it would be great and even helped set up the staging for the interview.

10. What a great time we had with Josh, Brittany and their girls, as we showed them around the area.

11. It was a fun time at Defy (indoor obstacles and trampoline park) for Davis and their girls.

12. We were back at Turfway Park on Saturday night to show the Long's a horse race as their one daughter loves horses. Ya can't beat free admission!

13. After just watching two races, it was time to head to the church for a late-night sermon and interview walkthrough.

14. I knew as we rehearsed that God was going to greatly use the Long's on Sunday.

15. Sunday was my one year anniversary as senior pastor at Main Street. Wow, what a year!

16. I will be writing a one-year rewind in an upcoming blog... so stay tuned.

17. Seeing so many people and knowing of their heartbreak was difficult to teach through yesterday.

18. What God did through the Long's testimony was incredible to see. There wasn't a dry eye in the place. God moved mightily!

19. Did you miss Sunday? YOU MISSED OUT BIG TIME! But you can watch the video at right now. You won't regret it.

20. As part of our ongoing commitment to making a difference outside our four walls, we launched another 'You Give, We Give' initiative yesterday.

21. We are collecting any size, new LEGO sets and will be giving them to kids at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. You can drop off the LEGO's in the lobby between now and March 15.

22. Small groups launched officially yesterday! I am thankful for the 26 groups that will be meeting throughout our community and on our campus. There's still time to join in at

23. We launched a new small group last night. Just 4 of us, but it was fantastic! Wanna join? Let me know.

24. I am honored that I get to do ministry alongside an amazing woman - my wife! I am blessed.

25. I am ready for Sunday to get here. It's week #2 of When God Doesn't Make Sense.

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