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Weekend Ramblings for March 30, 2020

Everyone was stating that 2020 was going to be the best year ever when January hit. Now, people are asking if we can hit the restart button. Well, let's take the bad with the good and have a thankful heart.

1. I am thankful for the Main Street family. Many have sent texts and emails checking in on my family.

2. Our staff have been busy checking in with their leaders/volunteers.

3. Where would our community be if it wasn't for the Care Mission? Wow, am I ever so grateful we partner with others in our community to help feed and clothe those in need.

4. In times of crisis, it's never about what one person can do, but it is about people working together.


6. I have stopped by the church and walked through the facility numerous times. All the lights and HVAC are turned off (a little cost savings when we can).

7. Our staff is working mostly from home.

8. We are continuing to talk through ways to "be the church" during this pandemic.

9. Our volunteers are serving in so many awesome ways. To name a few: Cincy Street Ministry; Care Mission; a/v team recording videos; prayer team; deacons reaching out.

10. Text or call a neighbor, friend, or family member. They'll appreciate it.

11. Even when working from home, my hours have been crazy. There's lots to be done!

12. I spent a half-day off painting trim! One room down; seven or so more to go.

13. Our church-wide online interaction has been very encouraging.

14. Thank you to those who have resisted technology in the past and are now embracing it to stay connected.

15. We finally have a church-wide weekly email process. Not getting it? Check your junk folder.

16. Been on our MAIN STREET AT HOME page? We're updating it all the time. Check it out at

17. So thankful for those who continue to financially give to Main Street during this season. I am so encouraged at your sacrifice.

18. You have a stimulus check coming. Thought about how you can bless someone else?

19. I want us to continue to be known as a church that gives and serves.

20. It has been family movie night every evening at the Peters' house. I am enjoying the quality time.

21. To the families that live under the same roof and don't get along - wow, this has to be really tough!

22. A huge thank you to all medical personnel, first responders, and those helping provide care for our communities! Y'all rock!

23. I am praying through what series to launch post-Easter. It looks like it will still be remote rather than in-person.

24. Pray for our local and national governments as they are making hard decisions.

25. We're adding another Easter service. Yep, in addition to the 11:00am online service we've been offering, we will offer a 9:30am service for Easter. Why? Well, I'll let you know how we came to this decision one day.

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