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Weekend Ramblings for March 9, 2020

Time change can be a killer. Maybe it's that I am just getting old. Well, that's kind of rambling, so let me get started with my Weekend Ramblings.

1. God's love, mercy, and grace is something I don't deserve.

2. I am thankful for new mercies every day He bestows upon me.

3. Our staff really work hard. It always seems like we are in a grind.

4. Team synergy is a must.

5. Staff meetings have been very productive as of late.

6. Dreaming big for what God will do is exciting.

7. Friday date day was great. Laura and I shopped, laughed and ate some BBQ.

8. Davis loves for us to have an at-home movie night at least once a week.

9. Davis is starting his first athletic experience here in KY. Watch out soccer world.

10. It was great to see many of our Columbus friends on Saturday as we attended a friend's wedding.

11. "How are things going?" was the million-dollar question everyone asked us while in Columbus.

12. I look to give that answer in detail in my "one-year" anniversary blog later this week.

13. Laura looked beautiful in her new dress at the wedding.

14. I've gained 5 pounds since January 1.

15. The Lego Drive at church has started off awesome. I believe we are at 65+ new Lego sets. There's still time to give this upcoming Sunday.

16. 90% of churches were down in attendance (per an online poll last night) due to sickness and time change.

17. We were up in attendance!

18. I am so thankful for the guests we've seen as of late.

19. Small groups started off strong this past week. Still undecided? Be a part! You can view your options at

20. We are really thinking and praying through how we will do kids and student ministries well for the next decade.

21. Easter weekend plans will be announced this Sunday. Can't wait!

22. This Sunday, it's our annual Taste of Main Street after the 11:00am service. Bring a few bucks to help us offset summer camp costs and have a good meal as well!

23. It's a big week of celebration for my family! Laura and I celebrate 14 years of marriage on Wednesday and Davis turns 11 on Thursday!

24. I'll probably gain another 5 pounds this week.

25. Think about moving to the 9:30am service! We could use your seat at the 11:00am service for guests.

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