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Weekend Ramblings for May 18, 2020

It's just a little over two weeks before we meet "on campus" again to worship. I can't wait! But there's lots to be done in the meantime.

1. All of Main Street has been very busy as we get ready for Feed Campbell County this upcoming Saturday from 10:00am-2:00pm.

2. People continue to drop off non-perishable items! You can do so at the church office entrance until Wednesday at noon.

3. Thank you to those who have given financially toward Feed Campbell County. We appreciate you! Want to give? Click here.

4. We are close to 7,000 pounds of food!

5. Our Subdivision Saturday went ok. Weather was blah. But thank you to those who gave.

6. The Care Mission leadership has been so resourceful toward FCC. We thank them!

7. We had to cut off volunteer registration early for Saturday. Each volunteer opportunity is full and we are so grateful!!

8. Pray for great weather!

9. We are praying that we can give out hundreds of boxes of food to those families who are in need!

10. Davis finished up school this past week. Mr. 4.0 rocked the 5th grade.

11. The accomplishment that makes us most proud was the character award he received.

12. Davis asked us if we could burn his workbooks for the year in the fire pit. We obliged;)

13. Our weeknights have flown by with meetings (both Zoom and a few in-person).

14. We are keeping up our 6-foot social distancing though!

15. I was honored that Mark Phillips joined me for our Sunday conversation as part of the sermon. He did great. Words of wisdom! Watch it now!

16. It was nice to be able to incorporate our own worship team online. Thanks to the Songer's on all their work, making it all happen with their videography/editing skills.

17. We are investing over $4,500 in upgrading our live stream capabilities for when we return on campus. Thank you for giving in the ways you do financially to further the Gospel!

18. Currently, we have been borrowing resources (equipment and people) to live stream.

19. We have awesome volunteers!

20. Sundays are so different now. Sitting in a recliner watching our services just isn't the same as participating in corporate worship together. However, I am thankful we've been able to still have "church."

21. I am learning to allow the negative thoughts in my head to control me less.

22. Our minds have to be continuously renewed daily (Romans 12:1-2).

23. I look forward to preaching on The New Normal - Emotionally and Mentally this week.

24. Reserved Seating is now in place for when we return to worship on June 4 and 7. So grateful for the great response already! Click here to get your seats.

25. God is for you!

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