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Weekend Ramblings for May 4, 2020

Look on the bright side of life. Yep, in the midst of a pandemic, it can be a little hard to do. However, we can focus on today... and today the sun is shining. Here's some additional Weekend Ramblings.

1. My son has been beating on the drums a lot lately.

2. Working from home can have its advantages as well as disadvantages.

3. Last week was the craziest of weeks thus far for me in this pandemic.

4. Burning the candle at both ends isn't best.

5. In a matter of 24 hours we launched - our Return Plan (for our church) and 'Feed Campbell County' (food drive and distribution). Click on them both. I am super pumped about them both!

6. The staff has worked very hard, especially this past week .... and the next few will be extra busy as well.

7. Our Return Plan is written in dust and not concrete.

8. Blessed are the flexible for they won't get bent out of shape.

9. I am looking forward to meeting on campus again soon. Praying this will happen in June, but ya never know - maybe later.

10. A lot of prayer, conversation and consultation went into our Return Plan.

11. I feel like we go from shooting one video to shooting another.

12. We are pricing out what the cost would be to Livestream our Sunday morning services from now on.

13. Lately, Livestream has been a necessity but in the future, it will be an outreach.

14. If you feel God urging you to pay for the Livestream equipment? I won't say no. :-)

15. Laura begins practicum for her Master's Degree this week. So proud of her!

16. Have you signed up to serve at one of our Feed Campbell County locations this Saturday? You need to - just click here.

17. Stockpile the needed non-perishables and bring them to a drop off location between 10:00am and 2:00pm this Saturday. Where? Click here.

18. We concluded The Power of His Presence series yesterday. Wow, I learned a lot over the past three weeks. You can watch it now.

19. I mentioned how the Holy Spirit utilizes our giftedness. Want to take a spiritual gifts test? It is simple and will give you great insight. Click here.

20. Thank goodness for take-out! We've had our share.

21. The Peters family runs on Dunkin'... I should buy DD stock.

22. Looking forward to beginning the new series - The New Normal this Sunday online at 11:00am.

23. My beautiful bride had a birthday last week. It was okay, but we still need to celebrate when things reopen.

24. Philippians 4:6-9 has been my go-to ... check it out.

25. Do big things for God ... He has sure done big things for us.

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