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Weekend Ramblings for November 11, 2019

Yes, I am switching gears a little bit. My Weekend Ramblings have been on a sabbatical the last few weeks. Also, yes, I have taken a Facebook sabbatical. Why? The social media diversion became a social media distraction to me. Two words (and they are unrelated...sometimes:-) - negativity and politics.

I'll be posting my Weekend Ramblings at from now on. Enjoy!

1. We have a generous church! Thank you to everyone who gives in the way you do – time, talents & treasures.

2. We had a great launch of Operation Christmas Child boxes yesterday. Let’s go bigtime y’all!

3. My good friend Mark Phillips did a great job speaking yesterday! Thankful for his passion behind speaking on finances through God’s word. I had quite a few wonderful comments from our church family.

4. The Dollars & $ense series has been very well received. I appreciate the feedback that we haven’t been “all about the money.”

5. We are stewards of God’s money – He owns it all.

6. You won’t want to miss this upcoming Sunday. It’ll be unlike any other.

7. I’ll be sharing a new generosity initiative that will allow our people to be a part of on a monthly basis. A few bucks will go a long way.

8. Bring a few dollars this Sunday. I can’t wait for you to see what it’ll do. It’s gonna be good!

9. I really enjoyed sitting back and being preached to Sunday! Rest is a great thing.

10. A big announcement yesterday! We let everyone know that we have a student pastor candidate. AWESOME!!! We can’t wait.

11. Meet our student pastor candidate now – click here.

12. November 24, 2019 is gonna be a big day. #StudentPastor

13. I ask you to begin praying for Marc and his family now!

14. Thank you for supporting and encouraging the leadership transitions we are experiencing. God has great things in store!

15. My family has been under the weather off and on for the last 2 weeks. We are at 90% now!

16. Davis is doing great in school. So proud of that boy!

17. Laura is rocking it in her goal of obtaining a 2nd Master’s Degree in counseling! Practicum and internship are right around the corner.

18. We’re beginning to make Thanksgiving and Christmas plans! Looks like some family time for us!

19. We hosted a 2nd Discover Main Street last night. Thankful for the 20 in attendance. 1 trusted Christ at the class!!!!!

20. I love hearing stories at Discover how people were invited to Main Street. Keep inviting, y’all!

21. Thankful for our veterans! Happy Veteran’s Day!

22. We are doing a few giveaways this Sunday. Huh? You’ll see.

23. Lots of meetings these days with some key leaders. We’re pressing on!

24. Be looking for new kid’s check in coming soon! We will be making improvements that will provide further safety, security and convenience for families.

25. Stop and thank God for His goodness to Main Street.

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