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Weekend Ramblings for November 16, 2020

How in the world is Thanksgiving already next week? Wow, time is flying. Christmas will be here before you know it. :-) In the meantime, here's this week's edition of my Weekend Ramblings. Maybe while you're putting up the Christmas tree, you can listen to this week's podcast that goes right along with the ramblings. Click here to listen.

1. COVID is craziness. 2. We are praying for you.

3. God has a plan for us all. Sometimes that’s hard to tell.

4. Esther 2 was an encouraging read to see God working behind the scenes.

5. Our Esther series is hitting home.... for me!

6. There is so much good stuff to learn from the book of Esther that we are going to extend our series.

7. Operation Christmas Child is in high gear for us this week. Make a difference!

8. Our volunteers serve so faithfully. Thank you!

9. While some volunteers are staying away due to Covid, we would love to see new volunteers step up.

10. Davis and I have been laying low lately (and will continue to do so) since numerous people around us are Covid positive.

11. It seems now like my brother and sister-in-law got Covid their last day or two while here.

12. Did you watch the Masters golf tournament? Dustin Johnson’s interview was pretty emotional after winning.

13. Real men show emotion.

14. It was nice to see some friends visiting our church from my former church.

15. I am thankful for friendships.

16. I spent my day off doing sermon prep (to get ahead).

17. There was $100 in O’Charley’s gift cards in my church mailbox. Thank you whomever!

18. The biggest question I get nowadays is, “how’s Davis?” I love that!

19. “Tensions are high and grace is low.”

20. It’s time to put up the Christmas decor around our house.

21. Davis and I now have matching electronic toothbrushes.

22. We’d love to have you join us for our Zoom edition of Discover Main Street on Tuesday evening. Register today.

23. We are closing down the church office this week and working remotely from home. Trying to keep everyone healthy.

24. God’s timing is always perfect!

25. Stop and pray for your friends and family. They may need it at the exact moment!

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