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Weekend Ramblings for November 25, 2019

Wow, it's Thanksgiving week! Let's make it an incredible week with family and friends!

1. Another fantastic Sunday at Main Street.

2. It's official - Marc Hall is our new student pastor. Find out more about him at

3. We can't wait for Marc and his family to begin this journey with us in the next 2-3 weeks.

4. Our search team did a great job. Now rest y'all. It's been a long 8 months.

5. Great days are ahead for our students!

6. It was a special time praying over the Operation Christmas Child boxes during the services.

7. I've heard we are over 425+ given by the Main Street family. Awesome!

8. Our church has served the surrounding community by being a distribution hub for OCC.

9. Tuesday morning, more than 8,000 OCC boxes will leave our parking lot headed to Charlotte, NC.

10. Fifteen people from Main Street will head to Charlotte to help at the OCC Distribution Center this weekend!

11. Thank you for being a serving church!

12. It was great having my brother-in-law in town last week!

13. He helped at the church for more than 20 hours!

14. I love my family as well as my extended family. I am blessed.

15. Davis had a blast hanging out for his 2nd Restaurant Takeover at Panera Bread. There were 45 Main Street-ers there!

16. Thank you to the team who assisted me in getting the brand-new kids check-in set up the past 7 days.

17. We will officially launch the new check-in on Sunday, December 8 in the office lobby.

18. We are making our kids area even more safe and secure as we are entrusted with these wonderful kids.

19. Main Street will ALWAYS invest in the lives of kids and students. We will use the resources God has provided to see life change in their lives.

20. Beginning December 8, it's NO STICKER-NO ENTRANCE in all kids areas. Yes, that's for adults, volunteers and kids. I'll explain more Sunday morning.

21. Change is sometimes hard for some people; know that we appreciate your willingness to adapt to improvements that will assist us in how we do ministry.

22. I can't wait for Sunday. We're doing things quite a bit different throughout the service. You'll enjoy the worship as well as the time of reflection.

23. Making Christmas plans yet? Click on for all that's taking place at Main Street in December.

24. Out of town during Thanksgiving and would like to give? Check out

25. You are blessed. Don't think so? Look around.

You can just copy and paste the blog post link into a text message or even a Facebook post. Thanks!

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