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Weekend Ramblings for October 12, 2020

Another week... almost halfway through October. Wow, time is flying. I hope you enjoy today's Weekend Ramblings. You'll want to listen to this week's podcast that goes right along with the ramblings. Click here to listen.

1. Do you look forward to Sunday’s? I do. I guess I should since I need to be there.

2. Sunday’s are a little harder than they used to be. Laura was a huge part.

3. Davis and I love us some putt-putt.

4. We bought 8 take-home meals from Olive Garden!

5. I find that I am eating more the more I go to the gym. Go figure!

6. The Next Gen Renovation is nearing completion!

7. Our volunteers have given probably 1000+ hours to this project.

8. I can’t wait for Main Street Kids to be back in action at both the 9:30 & 11:00am services starting Sunday, October 18!

9. Students in 6-12th grades will be back in their small groups too on Sunday’s at 9:30am.

10. The Kona Ice truck will be on campus after both services this Sunday. It’s free for everyone!

11. Family is so important to me. I’m thankful for the joy they bring me.

12. Week three of our Everyday Joy series was a great reminder of the friendships I have.

13. Choose to text a different friend every day this week and tell them you appreciate them.

14. Will I need to mow the lawn one last time this fall? I’m on the fence with it.

15. I am very excited that we are opening “The Family Room” beginning this Sunday at both services. Got kids who will not be in Main Street Kids and are a little fussy or antsy? There will be livestream, comfy chairs/couch, and some toys for the kids.

16. I’ve had too many donuts lately. I guess I’ll stop mentioning them on stage.

17. I enjoyed being seated while speaking yesterday. Something a little different.

18. We are lacking in the volunteer department. Covid is the cause I believe.

19. Our staff love each other very much.

20. We have a special guest coming in November.

21. Is it fall break for your family? Ours is next week.

22. Davis and I will be doing a lot of traveling during the holidays. My counselor has recommended it.

23. “In the multitude of counsel, there’s safety.” Proverbs 11:14

24. Life is hard, but God is good.

25. I am a blessed man.

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