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Weekend Ramblings for October 19, 2020

It turned out to be a cool, crisp weekend. Now, as we head into a new week, let's rewind and do some catching up with the Weekend Ramblings. You'll want to listen to this week's podcast that goes right along with the ramblings. Click here to listen.

1. Having the Kona Ice Truck at church is always fun. Smiles abound!

2. After 224 days off, we opened Main Street Kids and Students back up yesterday!

3. Our Next Generation area looks amazing. The renovation is 98% complete.

4. The church volunteers worked incredibly hard to make the renovation happen.

5. We always want to be a church who puts a major focus on the next generation.

6. It was nice to hang out with good friends after church. Two thumbs up for Mack’s Pizza.

7. Davis and I made a quick trip to north Georgia to see family.

8. We loved seeing my nephew Seth for his birthday!

9. Our families went to a drive-in movie. That was fun!

10. Georgia knows how to do some BBQ.

11. I love seeing the fall foliage as we drove through the mountains.

12. We enjoy hanging out with church family friends.

13. I am encouraged to see new people becoming new members at our church.

14. I challenged our online viewers to make a plan to return with us in person.

15. Let this sink in… death ends a life, not a relationship.

16. I am thankful for those who encourage me.

17. Why is it when I am with my brother, we eat 8 times a day?

18. This past week, I lost my wallet with all my cards and license.

19. Yesterday was the finale for the Everyday Joy series. I was challenged.

20. I encouraged our church to “Stop living in the past” and “Live in light of hope for the future.”

21. I spent Sunday afternoon thinking and praying through the upcoming teaching series for the rest of the year.

22. The end of this week is fall break for Davis. We’re headed to North Carolina.

23. Be praying for us as we think and pray through a possible outreach opportunity in our community.

24. What is God doing in your life?

25. Don’t let Facebook ruin your day!

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