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Weekend Ramblings for October 26, 2020

What a busy weekend! I hope this week slows down just a bit. It's good though; it keeps me moving (especially in this cool weather). :-) Here's the Weekend Ramblings. Take 15 minutes and listen to this week's podcast that goes right along with the ramblings. Click here to listen.

1. This month is pastor appreciation month.

2. I received poster board messages from Main Street Kids thanking me for being their pastor.

3. One of my staff nominated me for a church leadership podcast prize giveaway.

4. I received a $250 Amazon card this week!

5. Thank you to those who have sent me a message or card to show your appreciation.

6. Davis and I enjoyed our family time in North Carolina for his fall break.

7. My heart aches for my mother-in-law. She lost her brother this past week due to a sudden heart attack.

8. I was honored to speak at my brother in-law’s church (CrossPointe Church) in North Carolina.

9. I missed the Main Street family yesterday.

10. Thank you to Marc for speaking at Main Street yesterday.

11. The staff continue to put in extra hours finishing up the Next Gen Ren.

12. Volunteers are still working daily to wrap up projects in The Loft.

13. I appreciate all the Main Street Kids and Students’ volunteers who are back serving faithfully on Sunday mornings.

14. I am confident that it is easier to serve now more than ever.

15. We have streamlined our next gen ministries without lessening the Biblical impact.

16. Davis was thrilled to run into one of the Mr. Beast team members while in North Carolina. Seen any of the Mr. Beast videos?

17. Fall is officially here, huh?

18. It’s a little harder to get to the gym on rainy, dreary days.

19. I am looking forward to being back to speak this Sunday.

20. We are beginning a three-week series on Esther on November 8.

21. I’m starting to enjoy doing laundry a little too much, I think. #OCD

22. Are you watching the World Series? Anyone?

23. Spotify has fantastic worship music.

24. Davis is now onto double cheeseburgers.

25. Are you making church attendance a priority?

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