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Weekend Ramblings for October 5, 2020

Thanks so much for joining us with another week of Weekend Ramblings. I'd love for you to hear more about the ramblings on our podcast. Click here to listen to Davis and I break each one of them down.

1. God had never left me.

2. I am thankful to be on this current journey of rediscovering the everyday joy that we have as Christ followers.

3. A public apology to those who attended the 9:30am service on Sunday. It was rough. I missed my ques; there were A/V issues and I struggled in my sermon delivery.

4. Our church family extends grace in our mistakes (actually my mistakes).

5. The 11:00am service went well. Thanks to our worship team for leading us!

6. We still are having some technical issues with our live stream.

7. I wish everyone could come back to church but due to COVID I understand the hesitation.

8. Our staff worked hard all this past week.

9. The volunteers have put in another ton of hours working on the Next Generation Renovation!

10. Have you been to Ikea lately? Marc (our student pastor) and I had some good laughs as we shopped for the renovation.

11. We needed a new refrigerator for the Student Center. And God provided!

12. There is a lot to do to finish up the renovation.

13. On Saturday, Davis and I made a trip to Columbus to see some friends as well as our former church, Sycamore Creek Church. They are near completion of a $3,500,000 renovation and addition. It looks amazing.

14. Never burn bridges in your past because those people can encourage you in the present.

15. Our friend Brittany makes the best chocolate chip cookies in America. Her husband (and my good friend) Josh bagged some extras up for us to bring home!

16. Seeing parents raise their children to follow Christ excites me.

17. One of my favorite phone calls is with Laura’s mom.

18. Gift cards are our friend.

19. Speaking on Everyday Joy has stretched my faith.

20. I am very excited about our series schedule through the rest of the year.

21. Confession is good for the soul.

22. One of the harder things to do (since returning back from my sabbatical) has been following up with those who are sick or in the hospital.

23. Thank you for loving your pastor!

24. Davis is doing well. He continues to inspire me daily.

2. I am thankful to be on this current journey of rediscovering the everyday joy that we have as Christ-followers.

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