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Weekend Ramblings for September 14, 2020

Happy Monday! I trust you had a great week. Click here to listen to our podcast on Apple that gives a little more insight to the Weekend Ramblings. For all other podcast platforms, click here. Here's my Weekend Ramblings....

1. You gotta listen to Life.Church’s new EP. Wow, the song “Never Will” is a favorite.

2. I love music and Spotify helps me with that.

3. Another good week back in and around the office.

4. Chipotle is a favorite amongst the staff (minus one).

5. The Next Generation Renovation is going strong. Lots of paint to still do.

6. Volunteers are the backbone of our church.

7. A big topic in our staff meeting was volunteerism. It’s not the easiest coming out of a pandemic.

8. Davis had a great week in school.

9. Still amazed that an anonymous school family paid for Davis’ whole year!

10. Routine has been really good for us “boys.”

11. We hosted 15 at our Discover Main Street today. Let’s get people connected!

12. I can’t wait to spend some time with my brother this upcoming week.

13. It was great to finish a small house project that Laura and I started.

14. I found the receipt this week where Laura signed her name for the first time as Laura Peters. It was on a receipt from our honeymoon.

15. Marc did a great job speaking on eternal security today.

16. I can’t wait for heaven!

17. Friday’s are so different now. But we are making the best of them now.

18. Davis and I enjoyed our Fire Pit Friday.

19. I rode 6.5 miles on my bike this past Friday. My backside still hurts.🤣

20. Lots of Laura stories from others this past week. So touching!

21. You are really going to enjoy this upcoming Sunday. More music and more people than normal.

22. In the midst of sadness, I am rediscovering joy.

23. Looking forward to beginning a series on joy real soon.

24. Honored by the feedback of our new podcast for Weekend Ramblings.

25. Thankful for God’s presence.

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