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Weekend Ramblings for September 28, 2020

Yes, I led a "worship" song at church yesterday. Hear about the weekend and more in this week's Weekend Ramblings. Click here so you can listen to the podcast for more fun and insight.

1. I am finding my happiness and joy from many things but ultimately through Him.

2. God had blessed me with many great friends.

3. It was so nice to see family this past weekend.

4. I flew to Florida for a quick 36 hours.

5. Attending a friend’s Celebration of Life continues to give some much perspective on the time we have here on earth.

6. I love hearing my brother preach.

7. I was able to eat lunch with my parents as well as a friend who is in his late 70’s. Andy still serves faithfully every week at church.

8. The heat index was 99 in Florida.

9. I flew roundtrip to Orlando/Sanford for $92!

10. My parents are constant encouragers to their kids.

11. My mom and I did some quick shopping. It’s something we both enjoy!

12. Fifteen friends joined me for ice cream while in Florida. It was great to catch up with them. Most of them served alongside me when I was a student pastor.

13. I found out a dear friend was singing at a church right across town from my parents. I hadn’t seen Mark for 15 years. It was great reminiscing with him.

14. There wasn’t much social distancing on the airplane.

15. I really missed Davis while I was in Florida (and he was on a student fall retreat).

16. How do I have a child that’s old enough to be in the student ministry? 

17. Davis had a great time with the counselors and other students.

18. I spent a lot of time this past week learning about joy and happiness.

19. I was very excited to start our new series, Everyday Joy, on Sunday.

20. I’m not sure if I had ever led a song at church, but I did yesterday. Wowzaa.

21. Meeting guests encourages me so much at Main Street!

22. When a guest comes back, it’s a win!

23. I loved sitting in hearing our small groups’ guru Mike lead our leaders in a training session.

24. Only Jesus can provide true joy in our lives.

25. Will you seek a way to bless someone this week? There are many options!

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