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Weekend Ramblings for April 6, 2020

It's late in the day on Monday and I almost forgot about posting my Weekend Ramblings. I believe it is because all the days are running together (or that I am just getting older :-).

1. There was a day last week that I forgot to shower.

2. We've had family movie night every night. Davis is loving it.

3. It is getting harder and harder to find movies that are suitable for him to view.

4. I finally was able to do some more house painting Friday! I'm about 75% of the entire interior being painted. Then there's every piece of trim and all doors need painting.

5. I went to Home Depot for supplies on Saturday. It was nice and organized with limiting customers inside.

6. I went to Lowe's and it was packed with no customer limitation. Hmmm.

7. Thank God for the beautiful weather this weekend! I loved getting outside.

8. I was able to pressure wash our house! I am OCD.

9. Davis and I slept in his tent... well, at least for 5 hours. We had an early wake-up call at 4:00am with 50 degrees, wind, and rain. Back inside we came.

10. Creating memories with Davis is something Laura and I enjoy.

11. I just heard that Laura has been challenged to stay in the tent with Davis tonight. We'll see how that goes.

12. I am so thankful for Zoom. We have utilized it for ministry bigtime.

13. About half of our small groups are using Zoom to meet.

14. We really enjoyed seeing our small group friends last night via Zoom.

15. Staff meetings are a little different nowadays. There's still comedy that takes place...just online now.

16. Thank you to our student pastor, Marc for speaking yesterday. He did a great job dealing with a hard topic. Watch it now -

17. I love seeing the Facebook posts of "I'm In!" from our church family in regards to the 10 Percent Challenge. You can be a blessing to our community. Learn how ....

18. I am fervently seeking God for His guidance in leading Main Street through these challenging times.

19. We had a very good first quarter at Main Street, but things will look drastically different in the second quarter.

20. According to a national average, churches have taken at least a 50% hit on offerings while not meeting in-person.

21. I am so thankful for our people who continue to give of their time, talents, and treasures in these uncertain times.

22. We are adding an online service for Easter Sunday - 9:30 and 11:00am.

23. I am excited about how we are going to invite our community this upcoming weekend. You just might see us!

24. Our staff is continuing to think outside of the box to bring hope and encouragement to people.

25. In the midst of Holy Week, remember God's goodness even in spite of our circumstances.

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