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Weekend Ramblings for December 16, 2019

You dreaming of a white Christmas? Well, I think everyone here in Kentucky got a glimpse this morning of what that would look like! Welcome to winter, although it doesn't' officially start until next week. Speaking of "week," let me tell you about my extended weekend.

1. I love the Christmas season. For pastors, it is like the Super Bowl. So much prep goes into the month of December.

2. Christmas and Easter are huge for the church. It allows people to be invited who usually wouldn't attend. So keep inviting!

3. Last Thursday was a first and now annual tradition - Christmas Lunch with the Senior Adults. Laura and I had the privilege to cater in City BBQ and spend time with these wonderful people.

4. It was a Family Friday for me! Got some errands done and spent time with Laura!

5. I love me some Stub Hub. Yep, the Peters scored again. This time it was totally last minute. On Saturday at 7:00am, I bought us tickets for the broadway show Hello Dolly.

6. We rushed around and headed to downtown Cincy for the 2:00pm showing. Wow, what a show. We literally knew nothing about the show but enjoyed it very much.

7. Saturday evening was busy as we rushed back for the Carols and Cookies at Main Street. Yep, I ate a lot more sweets. :)

8. Congrats to the American's for winning the President's Cup. Tiger still has it.

9. No college football on Saturday seemed weird.

10. Be in prayer for Laura's Tarheels. It's looking to be a long basketball season for them.

11. A lot of prep went into Sunday morning. I am so thankful for all the volunteers who make it happen week in and week out. Y'all rock! A shout out to the worship band- we appreciate you leading us in worship!

12. Like the Christmas sign holders as you drive in? I love it! Nothing wrong with creating smiles when you arrive!

13. I really enjoyed preaching the Miracle of the Message! This series has really challenged me to stretch my thinking of the Christmas story.

14. Wow, God gave us His Son Jesus. Let that sink it. Oh, what grace!

15. I always appreciate our church allowing me to share stories from my life that will drive a point/illustration across.

16. I used a ton of scripture yesterday. So thankful for His Word!

17. We announced two new additions to our staff yesterday!

18. We welcome Marc and Brittany Hall and their girls - Hannah, Grace, and Ruth to our team. Marc will be serving as our full-time student pastor! Make them feel welcome to Kentucky.

19. Have you heard? We also now have an interim kid's director! We are so thankful that Christie Henson is joining our team. Jump on board and serve alongside her!

20. Speaking of teams, Laura and I hosted our Staff & Elders Christmas party last night. What a fantastic evening with these families.

21. There was a ton of great dessert (all handmade by my wife... she rocks), lots of laughs, and many stories shared.

22. My favorite part of the evening was when each person looked to their left and shared how that person has blessed them in 2019. With 16 people sharing, it was very emotional.

23. I love teamwork. It is dreamwork.

24. We are building the team God has for us to do great things in 2020.

25. Lifechange is taking place and I'm honored to be a part of it, Main Street. Let's keep pressing on!

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