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Weekend Ramblings for December 23, 2019

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

It’s Christmas week! No wonder many say (and sing) “it’s the most wonderful time of the year!” 

1. Many of our church family bless my family in so many ways.

2. It was a great week celebrating the season all the way back to last Tuesday evening. Some great friends treated us to a night out on the town including the Christ Tomlin Christmas concert. 

3. Hearing 2500 people sing Good, Good Father along with Chris Tomlin was pretty amazing.

4. Our first official staff meeting with Marc, our new student pastor, was great. 

5. I am thankful for the team God is assembling to reach people for Christ.

6. Our staff are hard workers.

7. Got 2-3 hours a week? We are looking for office volunteers on a weekly set schedule. We can utilize you! Email

8. Davis played in his first piano recital. Proud of that boy. 

9. Thankful for elders who love their pastor. They all check in with me often times just to encourage me.

10. You won’t want to miss the Christmas Eve services. We have some special things planned. We’re including the kids. You’ll see!

11. I have enjoyed visiting other churches during the Christmas season. 

12. I look forward to spending more time in 2020 with area pastors. #SameTeam

13. Don’t criticize other churches and pastors; encourage!

14. I had to update my contacts/glasses. Getting older is hard.☺️

15. Seeing people get baptized is awesome! Congrats to Tenley, Harley, and Megan.

16. I have laid out my preaching schedule for the next 9 months. I am pumped.

17. Sunday was a very long day, but so worth it. 

18. Haven't been eating the healthiest between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Come on January. #2020Diet

19. Pray for my dad, please. He is back in the hospital with some possible heart issues.

20. It’s going to be a busy 30 hours or so leading up to the Christmas Eve services.

21. Can’t wait to preach my first Christmas Eve service as a senior pastor.

22. Davis got a surprise visit from Santa by way of the fire truck (so did the whole neighborhood) on Saturday.

23. I love to hear my wife sing.

24. I am so blessed by my little family.

25. May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas as we all celebrate the birth of the Savior!

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