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Weekend Ramblings for March 23, 2020

Wow, this time in our lives will be remembered in the history books, I assume. It is hard to believe a pandemic can disrupt life in this way.

1. I just hung up with a friend whose husband tested positive for the coronavirus (not local).

2. My heart breaks for all that is taking place regarding the loss of jobs.

3. I miss our church family.

4. I am so thankful for our staff team who continues to think of ways to encourage people in this season.

5. Have you visited our "AT HOME" section on our website? There are lots of resources for you and your family. Click here to see updates, prayer requests, assistance, kids & student's resources, and many other helpful additions.

6. Need assistance with grocery shopping or errands? Our team is standing by.... Just text ASSISTANCE to 484848 and we'll help you in any way we can!

7. I am thankful for the volunteers who have filmed and edited our Facebook Livestream.

8. We love hearing from you while we are online.

9. We hope you've enjoyed the online sermons thus far. We've heard good feedback as to what God is showing you.

10. I wish we knew when we'd return for live, in-person worship on our campus.

11. God will be glorified through all of this.

12. When anxiety hits - pray, read His word and/or listen to worship music. There's a link for that too in our AT HOME section.

13. We're launching small groups online now through ZOOM. Let us know if you want to be a part.

14. Davis is doing great with this "school at home" gig. He gets right up and starts the day off with school work!

15. There's been a lot of chill time around the Peters' home.

16. Unfortunately, I've been working too much on the laptop in the evenings. Just trying to stay ahead. No excuse though. It's a new week this week!

17. I am about 75% done with sermon prep for this coming Sunday. Yeah!

18. I enjoyed sharing about Elijah's turn from worry to worship yesterday.

19. Laura is working hard in her final class before practicum and internship... thank goodness it's online!

20. We drove through the window at Caine's and had a picnic in the car with the windows down on Friday - just to get outdoors for a bit.

21. I feel like all I do is snack about every 2 hours.

22. Yes, I have returned to Facebook but just for the purpose of communicating with our church family. Trying to stay away from all the Facebook drama out there.

23. While everyone is out there buying toilet paper, we were out buying a new toilet.

24. Davis watched YouTube and saw how to install a toilet. He did 75% of the work and did great!

25. When this pandemic is over with, we all should....

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