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Weekend Ramblings for November 18, 2019

It's been a very busy 7 days since my last Weekend Ramblings. Yes, I am still taking a social media break so feel free to share the posts with family and friends. You can just copy and paste the link into a text message or even a Facebook post.

1. Sunday was a day I'll never forget.

2. God spoke straight to the hearts of our people.

3. I could not be any more proud of the Main Street family for your generosity.

4. Thank you to everyone who was a difference-maker in Keith's life yesterday.

5. God's timing is always perfect.

6. So glad that Way Maker was a part of our worship set. I love that song!

7. A challenge - listen to only Christian music this week. Our ministry assistant David even recommends Kayne West's newest one.😆 #MeNoRappy

8. We are all set to welcome in our student pastor candidate this upcoming weekend. We'll do a Q & A with him on Saturday at 7:00pm in the gym.

9. We are asking everyone to bring their favorite dessert to share with the Main Street family.

10. Want to know more about Marc? Click on

11. You can cast your vote for Marc in the lobby after the 9:30am or 11:00am services. We will hold a special family business meeting immediately following the 11:00am service. Stick around and cast your vote. *Voting is for members only, please.

12. It'll be great to have a student pastor in place ASAP!

13. The elders and search team are in full support of Marc and his family joining our team!

14. Thanks again to the search team. They've given a lot of hours to the process of finding our next student pastor!

15. Looking back in the many years of ministry, being a student pastor was a highlight of my life!

16. It is a sad day when I jump for joy because my garage door opener finally got fixed on Friday. It's the little things in life, huh? #BabyItsColdOutside

17. Thanks for all those praying for my dad. He still has a long recovery from major back, gall bladder, and bowel blockage surgeries. Keep praying!

18. Sounds like we have made the Thanksgiving plans! We are staying put as we'll be hosting some of our family!

19. I mentioned this yesterday in my sermon - Check it out!

20. Someone needs to steal the Halloween candy that has saturated our office. :) All the staff and volunteers may need an intervention.

21. There's new office hours - We are 9am-5pm Monday through Thursday. Need us any other time? Feel free to reach the office at 22. We are looking for a kid's ministries director. It is part-time. Find out more at today!

23. Have a few hours to give this week and next? We are looking for some Main Street-ers to do some data entry as we update our database.

24. I can't wait for you to see the new kid's check-in that is coming December 8!

25. Davis wants you to join our family this Sunday at 6:30pm for his latest "Restaurant Takeover"....

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